Birth Doula

birth-doula-servicesUpon hiring me, I require a deposit of half of the total fee to secure my availability for your birth. The remaining amount will be due four weeks before your due date.

I will schedule one or two prenatal appointments to cover your birth plans, your labor and to which comfort measures or positions you are comfortable in.

I will be on-call 24/7 for 14 days prior to your due date until the time your baby is born, and I will be ready to come to your house, hospital or birth center whenever active labor begins and you are ready for me. I will stay for the duration of your labor and for the first hour or two after birth.

I will visit you in your home after the baby is born and I will help with any breastfeeding/newborn issues that may arise. 


Birth Doula Fee: $1,200 (Divided into two installments: $600 when I am hired and $600 at 36 weeks)

Birth Doula and Christian Childbirth Education packages are available